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Skåne University Hospital 3D Printing Centre

This site the Skåne University Hospital 3D Printing Centre website. Recently the centre got a three year grant to improve “tillgänglighet” [availability] for health care in the Region using techniques such as 3D printing. In this trying times, improving the availability means help the fight against the corona virus. Resources will become scarce and ingenuity and teamwork will be required to cope with this.

Region Skåne has set up an email account to coordinate efforts to volunteer with material.

Covid-19 teamwork page

We can not do this alone and therefore, we started this wiki to work as a hub to join forces. The central idea of the page is to team up clinicians and engineers to help in the fight against the corona virus. There is an engineering community more than eager to help out. It can be 3D printing spare-parts to keep equipment ticking, designing things (CAD and more), manufacturing, etc, etc.

If you have ideas, but are new to wiki format, just email to mailto:, and we will help you format your contribution. You can also just click on edit and start adding text, it is rather simple system and you will soon get a hang on it. Responsible for the wiki page is Einar Heiberg, 076-1836442.

Rules for posting / editing these pages

Most or probably all ideas and projects on this page would not be up for discussion at all during normal circumstances, and most will be completely outside the regulatory paradigm. Inevitably usage in patient care will be up to clinicians to decide on. Central in this judgement will be risk analysis, and risks needs to be carefully judged against benefits. Other rules:

  • We keep a good discussion climate. Critical and constructive thinking is mandatory.
  • We do share what we do to help others in their struggle (hence English)
  • We acknowledge other’s ideas and designs and help improving them


(newest first)

  • 2020-04-09 Syringe pump project on hold, acute need of pumps likely filled.
  • 2020-04-08 Kick-off meeting for syringe pump project.
  • 2020-04-03 Added new project for an emergency syringe pump.
  • 2020-04-02 Added documentation on two new ongoing projects.
  • 2020-03-30 Added new project idea of pillows for prone position. Special pillows for prone positioning of respirator patients
  • 2020-03-25 Welcomed Clarifications from IVO and Arbetsmiljöverket on CE-mark and their view on this (see details on regulatory page).
  • 2020-03-25 Production of face shields is ongoing and are being used by Region Skane (see details on regulatory page).
  • Older posts are available here.

Ongoing projects

Face shield

Face shield Face shields is an effective personal protection equipment (PPE). Project page contains described suggested design and manufacture instructions used at Region of Scania.

Status, full production since several weeks. Assembled by LTH Makerspace. Read more on how you can help.

HFNO (High Flow Nasal Oxygen) splitter

HFNO (High Flow Nasal Oxygen) splitter HFNO treatment is an effective treatment of COVID-19 and may if used timely prevent later need of ventilator. There is a shortage of HFNO systems, and one HFNO system have the capacity of supplying to patients. Project develops 3D printed parts, flow simulations, detailed risk analysis.

Status: Project is bench tested, flow simulations, all documentation in place. Full setup ready and on standby for first use in patients if the clinical situation is that more patients as there are systems available. As of now there are enough HFNO systems in Sweden, and hopefully it will remain so.

Flow and pressure meter

Flow and pressure meter. Project to build an inexpensive, accessible flow and pressure meter for ventilator projects and other applications.

Status: First flow simlulations performed. Main design accomplished. Main components identified and ordered.

Syringe pump

Syringe pump Pharmaceutical to keep patients sedated, keep up blood pressure, and several other are necessary during anastesia. They are given during long time and precision is crucial. There will be a big shortage of such systems during the covid-19 peak.

Status: On hold.

Nasopharyngeal swabs

Nasopharyngeal swabs Project to 3D print cov-sars-2 virus test swabs.

Status: 3D printed several different models, awaiting clinical feedback.

Door hook

Door opening hook Prevent spreading the virus by using a hook to open doors, press card codes or elevator buttons.

Status: Ongoing production and distribution within the hospital.

Project ideas

This page is devoted to projects ideas that are in a concept phase. Engineers please add ideas here. Clinicians, please comment on how necessary / interesting the ideas are. We need to do the right things. If we do not know that there is a need, things will not go from project ideas to ongoing projects.

Here is a great source of PPE and general knowledge about COVID19

Open Source COVID19 Medical Supply Guide

Clinical needs

This page may be the most important of all. Here, a list on what is needed, right now and in the future will be maintained. Ideally this page should spark project ideas and ongoing projects.

How can I help ?

This page is the page for you who are thinking “how can I help”. You do not need to be a highly skilled engineer, we need help with administrative, buying material etc etc. Check in the list of tasks that are needed. If you have material or know suppliers that may have materials that are shortlisted, please email

If you are living in the following areas, please see the following links (Please help also by adding links here!)


Competence & Resources

Sign up on this page so that we have an inventory on competence and resources available.

Medical technology, safety and regulations

Important information regarding medical technology, safety and regulations. For all who are involved in helping out, please read this page carefully. There have also been news in Sweden that hospitals do not accept home made material, details on this are also described on the page.

Other forums in Sweden

Purchasing material

As the 3D SUS printing centre actually has a budget if there are projects that needs commercial parts, please contact Einar Heiberg on 076-183 6442 and this may potentially be sorted out given that the project is of great need for the health care.

What are others doing around the world

This page contains links to what others are doing across the globe to get inspiration.

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