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Protective face shield

The main reason for protective face shields at this moment is lack of high grade respirators (munskydd). High quality respirators are safe for virus, but lower grade only partially stops virus. Therefore a face shield is often used by the doctor in combination with a lower grade respirator.

X-lab, a new makerspace at LTH, is producing face shields, in close collaboration with Region Skåne. Please contact for more information or if you want to help.

If you have access to a 3D-printer, see: for instructions.

Right now the immediate needs are:

  • More people 3D printing (see above).
  • Donations of OH-film would also be very much appreciated!

3D verkstaden design. Use the Swedish version 10. Before printing see link above!

Design by precuris. Very similar to 3dverkstaden, but no need for punching holes in the OH film. Looks promising. Testing is in progress.

Design by Wematter. Very similar to Precuris but prepared for autoclave. Does not need for punching holes nor rubber straps in the OH film. Testing is in progress.

Prusa design page (not as good as 3Dverkstan as it require rubber bands).


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Detailed information about face shields and more links

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