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Clinical needs

Please all clinicians at Region Skåne, add the needs that you have on your clinic here. The whole point of the help out is that it needs to be driven from clinical needs. Ideally this page should spark project ideas and ongoing projects. It is really important if you can specify what you need and how many of that you would wish for.

  • Ventilators is going to be a shortage. Medical ventilators are complicated and it may be unnecessary to invent what others are trying to develop. See world links for more details on ongoing project. As soon as good blueprints starts to emerge we need to discuss on task force on how to manufacture ventilators. See world links page for more.
  • Hand desinfection is already now short of supply at places. According to local news this is being manufactured at Kemicentrum at Lund. To manufacture more alcohol is needed. Add contact details.
  • Protective gear. such as facemasks, face shields, (see project pages)…
  • ..

When adding to this page, also email

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