CASE: Congenital Case

Case: Patient with a congenital heart defect that had previously undergone multiple corrective surgeries. Planning surgery to replace a leaking valve. Discussion if to use a catheter based intervention or open heart surgery. Catheter based intervention was preferred as it is complicated with open heart surgery especially with multiple previous interventions already performed. The heavily calcified vessel (white) is an implanted previous graft.

Benefit: Based on the model a catheter based intervention was deemed not possible due to the closeness between calcium in the graft and the steep angle to the valve. Model also helped visualise proximity of the coronary vessel. The made decision avoided a potential very dangerous situation if trans-catheter valve was selected, and if it would fail it would require an acute open heart surgery would have been required.

Printer details: Printed in standard PLA in our Raise 3D Pro 2 with dual heads. Segmentation in Segment 3DPrint. Cardiac tissue and vessels are printed in red and calcium is printed in white.