Philip Bernborg, Einar Heiberg, Erik Ekbom and Muris Imsirovic


We help surgeons to be as prepared as possible and reduce the risk by creating patient-specific models, patient-by-patient.


We help clinicians to invent future health care by helping them to realise unmet clinical needs.

in-house manufacturing

We will challenge the medical device market for passive implants by manufacturing them in-house

reasonable cost

We help medtech service engineers to keep medtech equipment operational by manufacturing spare parts that are either not timely available or can not be purchased from the manufacturer at a reasonable cost.

We do not charge for awesomeness.


We empower physicians to help today’s and tomorrow’s patients by developing tools and techniques based on patient-specific modelling and innovation.

Who we are

We are a team of engineers that share the passion for 3D-printing, visualisation and development and innovation.

Current Funding

Currently we are funded for 2020 – 2022 by development funds by the Region of Scania. This finances salaries and operational costs. In addition from 2021 we will start to charge fees for clinical projects corresponding to about 30% of the cost for the centre.

The necessary ingredients for a successful operation are the clinicians that ultimately meet the patients, perform the surgeries and see the need for innovation and new tools. The centre would die out if it was not for you.